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The site is based upon a single board Raspberry Pi (Model B-3). This allows rapid site editing, minimal power dissipation (a few Watts) and more importantly, direct access to the GPIO ports for control applications. Several computer systems and a radio transceiver can be remotely powered. A temperature logging system monitors local temperature and creates daily text file records.

The site is hosted by ‘’ who provide a collection of useful monitoring features. Although mostly hand-coded, the site was built using an early version of Dreamweaver, but has been further developed using MS Expression 4.0

Family - 2016

Why Me?' - site background

Well ‘Little Brown Mouse' were the phonetics for my amateur radio callsign: ‘M0LBM’ (previously G8LBM), in the 1970's it was considered to be more interesting and memorable than conventional phonetics of Lima-Bravo-Mike!

The content is intended for my family & friends, amateur radio enthusiasts and anyone interested in the 1924 Abatros chummy tourer car (BTW where is it now?)

The site has been designed and is maintained’ by Pete Matthews, further details can be found on but feel free to contact me by email (see 'Contact PeteM').

'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.' - Confucius

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